Path to Agile Coach group mentoring program

The problem with “agile coaching”

Over 90% of Agile Coaches are selling “agile” as the solution to their clients. Clients do not expect agile coaches to dive into the reality of their actual problems. With the proliferation of “Agile”, it has become a dogma that that is supposed to lead to success if only it is implemented properly. It is very rare that coaching relationships are established that raise the questions that would potentially cause real growth of individual and organizational resilience.

What organistions really need

Effecting real organizational change demands coaches who are skilled at engaging the hearts and minds of the people they work with. It’s about holding the space for the client’s agenda. It’s about the process of guiding discovery. It’s about relationship building. Learn to drive real transformational change across the enterprise by learning to leverage a true coaching stance. Build your competency in professional coaching through our Path to Coaching program.  

Focus on systemic impact

The focus of this group mentoring program is how to explore opportunities with your client to create impact on a systemic level.

  • How do you render an assignment clarification conversation to set the right frame?
  • How do you deal with a manager expecting you to give the right answer?
  • If you recognize an opportunity for improvement that is outside of your coachee’s sphere of influence, how do you reach out to upper management ?

Exponential growth

This mentoring program supports you to accelerate the impact of your coaching activities in your role as an agile Coach and a Coach for agility. Whether your aspiration is to get certified as a CTC or CEC with Scrum Alliance or not, this mentoring program will drive your journey towards your effectiveness.

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Your Facilitator

Marc Lustig went through a journey as an agile coach since 2008. He is a Certified Systemic Business Coach with Steinbeis University (SHB), a Certified Coach (CAC) with Scrum Alliance, a graduate of the Emergent Essence Dynamics (EED) program and he currently continues his learning journey in a master program led by David Peterson, Head of Coaching at Google and David Goldsmith, one of the pioneers of business coaching.

When can I join this program ?

As each session is an independent learning journey, you can join anytime.

How we create learning in a session

At the beginning of each session, participants are given the opportunity to present a coaching challenge from their professional life and we will vote on which of those to discuss. As we dive into the challenge we will refer to the catalog of competencies from the module that we have in focus. That way, the Learning Objectives are discussed from a practical point of view.

Integrating the five learning modules from Scrum Alliance Path to Coaching program

Scrum Alliance has defined a Path to Coaching program to help Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches adopting the power of coaching to be more effective. This program is aligned with the Path to Coaching learning objectives that consist of five pillars:

  • Professional Coaching
  • Systems Coaching
  • Scaling
  • Sustainability
  • Coaching Leaders

If your aspiration is to get certified as CTC or CEC with Scrum Alliance, this program is definitely for you.



“Marc’s path to coaching class has been a fantastic learning journey for me. In real coaching conversations, you will put coaching competencies into practice, and also learn how to take tangible steps to improve your own coaching ability.” 

Paddy Corry


There are no formal prerequisites except that you have set a clear goal for yourself to take the next step in improving your coaching to increase impact with your clients.

Group size

The mentoring group is limited to 10 participants. 

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The package price for the complete course (20 one hour sessions) is 600 €.

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