Path To Coaching group mentoring program


Effecting real organizational change demands coaches who are skilled at engaging the hearts and minds of the people they work with. It’s about holding the space for the client’s agenda. It’s about the process of guiding discovery. It’s about relationship building. Learn to drive real transformational change across the enterprise by learning to leverage a true coaching stance. Build your competency in professional coaching through our Path to Coaching program.  


In 2019, the Scrum Alliance has launched the Path to Coaching program and this mentoring program integrates with it. The program is currently running as an experiment but will be launched officially once Tier 2 learning modules have been completed.

exponential growth

This mentoring program supports you to accelerate the impact of your coaching activities in your role as an agile Coach and a Coach for agility. Whether your aspiration is to get certified as a CTC or CEC with Scrum Alliance or not, this mentoring program will drive your journey towards your effectiveness.

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how we create learning in a session

At the beginning of each one hour session, participants are given the opportunity to present a coaching challenge from their professional life and we will vote on which of those to discuss. Over the course of the conversation we wil refer to the catalog of competencies from the module that we have currently in focus. That way, the Learning Objectives are discussed from a practical point of view.

integrating the five learning modules

We have a weekly one hour call Thursday at 20:00 CET. Each session is stand alone and can be joined on an ad-hoc basis. Only pay for sessions you attend. The overarching topic for the sessions are found in the schedule below, but your questions and talking points become the agenda each week so our calls are customized to exactly what you are hoping to learn and explore.

SeptemberProfessional Coaching
OctoberSystems Coaching
JanuaryCoaching Leaders

our weekly call

We have a weekly one hour call Thursday at 20:00 CET. You are free to join or not to join. Payment is required only for sessions that you have actually joined. The subject for the session is chosen at the beginning of each session.


For each session you are joining the fee is 100 €.

get involved

Please send me a message to get the invitation to our zoom call.